empty[2]The Presence of Emptiness
By artist Mery Godigna Collet

“Emptiness, in a physical, emotional or spiritual way, is always defined by something.

In a physical way, we refer to an empty house, car, bottle…

In an emotional way, is part of the process of grief generated by separation, and significant changes…”

Mery Godigna Collet, Venezuelan artist and architect, born in Caracas in 1959. One of the most representative artists today in Venezuela.

Weber Furlong
The Weber Furlong Collection of Modern art presents the Weber Furlong lecture series

as an effort to share important knowledge on the American Modernism movement and to promote discussion on important issues in American art.

Wilhelmina Weber Furlong

“Weber Furlong (1878 – 1962) One of America’s great and influential artists of the twentieth century, Weber Furlong was among the first to champion the Modern art movement…”

oil and glass on canvas 3'x3'Light sculptures by Bonita Barlow

“Reflecting on the events that led me to these current works the memory of my first encounter with a prism comes to mind. As a small child I was enthralled by a world that now wore a rainbow aura. This was my first clue that the world held more than we may initially perceive…”

Johannes Wunner / Sallie McIlheran

Coming1Coming2-1When Skynyrd recorded “Double Trouble” 30 years ago they may not have had Johannes Wunner and Sallie McIlheran in mind, but all you visual artists had better watch out when this husband and wife photo-and-paint team comes around to your gallery. You want color? You want ironic compositions snared by a quick shutter finger? Wunner brings it, working his Leica and his Hasselblad with a boldness you know comes straight out of Freising, Germany. McIlheran, a Fort Worth native who studied painting in Vienna, watercolors with boldness too, often with bright details set against Rothko-like color fields.